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1.How can i access the benefits of this website ?

Ans:Firstly Users have to register themselves on this site which is absolutely free,than login with the user id and password which you have used during registration.


2.What is the mode of delivery of course material/study material ?

Ans :The mode of delivery of course material/study material is online and if users demend it in printed form than they have to pay the cost of printing the material.


3.How can i know my all India ranking In All India Test Series conducted by youngindiatimes ?


Ans :Youngindiatimes declares result of  All India Test Series every last day of the month.Users can login with their login id and password can see the result in the result box.


4.Is there any scope of Earn while you learn ?

Ans :Yes, there are wide scope one can earn and learn at the same time.For this Youngindiatimes has developed three ways 


  1.      Online live counsellor: - Every Live counsellor of Youngindiatimes will be provided with a user ID and Password through which they will be logged in to assist the online users .Every live counsellor will be paid for their service.
  2.     Write N Earn programme - Anyone can earn through posting /uploading their subject matters, any articles, Relevent informations, multiple choice questions etc.
  3.    Referral income :Referral income is income which any users can earn through their each reference direct and indirect.







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