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Legalities is a unit of sahyog services network pvt ltd


User Agreement For sahyog services network pvt ltd. (

Contractual Terms and Conditions:
This Agreement is entered into between sahyog services network pvt ltd. ( a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its office in  Delhi, hereinafter referred to as the Company on the one part and any User / Associate who / which buys the Product and Services Package of the company, as specified herein below, hereinafter referred to as the "Associate" on the other part.

The Associate represents and warrants that the marketing program and the compensation plan, its limitations and conditions have been understood clearly by him / her and, the Associate is not relying upon any representation or promise that is not contained in this Agreement or other official company material. An Associate shall be a person who submits a properly filled in online application on the requisite format (as obtained by clicking "Buy Now" button on our website and such application is electronically submitted and Purchased Product (ONLINE) is instantaneously delivered by accepting ONLINE LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) and FAQ‘S (given on our website). 

An Associate for promotion of our Business / Mission shall act and be as an independent contractor and shall not have any authority to bind the company for any obligations whatsoever. An Associate is not an Employee or any other Legal representative of the company or its service provider. The relationship between the company and an Associate is governed by the Terms and Conditions as laid down in this agreement will come into being only when this Agreement is agreed and accepted online by any Purchasing Associate and this Agreement shall remain enforceable during its existence which is one year only unless it is renewed further for the same period by sending signed Declaration on the Invoice Form. An Associate shall be presumed to have understood the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement which are detailed herein below.
1.Educational Package.
The Purchased Educational Package is delivered online immediately after the registration Process is over i.e without sending any consideration. The consideration must be sent directly through the demand draft made on the name of sahyog services network pvt ltd., payable at Delhi within 7 days from the date of online Purchase / Registration. The consideration for the Purchased Product is to be paid by an Associate, within the meaning of this Agreement. The facilities referred to in this sub-clause are hereinafter referred to collectively as "Product / Services". 
No cash payment for the purchased product by any Purchasing Associate shall be given to any Associate / Representative in any circumstances. Company will not be responsible for any loss (if any). The Purchasing Associate himself / herself will be responsible for any such loss (if any).
2. Term / Renewal.
The term of this Agreement is one year and shall commence from the day the online regsitration  of the Associate on the requisite format is received online by the company, subject to the consideration received or to be received within the specified period. The term of the Agreement may be renewed by the company for another same period when an Associate renews the Product / Services / Package of the company on the same specified terms. Renewal request must reach to the company before the expiry of the product, however 10 days grace period is granted to Associates facing some emergences. Renewal request would not be entertained in any circumstances, if received after the grace period.
3. Termination.
It is mutually agreed between the parties that:
(a) The Associate will not use the Product / Educational software of the company, which is against any law or public policy or contrary to any of the terms of this Agreement. Any reproduction, re-distribution, resale or unlawful use of the Product / Services of the company will result, in termination from the Business programme of the company and the Associate shall be liable to be prosecuted under the Civil / Criminal law. The company shall not be responsible for the acts of an Associate which are beyond the Terms and Conditions agreed between the company and an Associate. An Associate working on false identity will also be liable to criminal prosecution.

(b) Any copying or reproduction of the Product / Service Package / Business Plan / any content of our website and Educational software partly or fully of the company shall be deemed as violation of this Agreement, and will attract its immediate termination from the Business programme of the company. Such act of an Associate shall render him / her liable to be prosecuted under Civil / Criminal / Copyright / Trademark Law.

(c) Any misrepresentation of the aims and objectives of the company, which include but are not limited to, online computer education, trading internet, and designing or helping in design of web pages, that may or may not be harmful to the interest of the company, will invite immediate termination from the business programme of the company, and consequential suspension / cancellation of any rights and obligations that arise out of this Agreement.

(d) In case an Associate is terminated from the business due to any reason the product will be given till the purchased period and this agreement will be valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase or renewal. 

(e) The company reserves the right to terminate any Business Associate from the Business immediately without any written notice if any Associate is found to indulge in anti-company activities in any manner or found to disturb any Private or Public Business Meeting or Free Teaching Seminar organized by the Associates or the Company. 

(f) The company reserves the right to terminate any Business Associate from the Business without assigning any reasons and with or without giving any written notice to an Associate, if Acts / Deeds of the Associate are detrimental to the interest of the company. 

(g) You must take a written permission from sahyog services network pvt ltd. ( to produce / publish any promotional materials such as CDs, VCDs, Books, Audio cassettes etc. for distribution to other Youngindiatimes Associates. The developed promotional material such as CDs, VCDs, Books, Audio cassettes etc. by any Youngindiatimes Associate is only for FREE distribution to other Associates and it can not be sold at any price in any circumstances to other Youngindiatimes Associates / Guests. Violation of this will attract immediate termination from the Business Programme of the company in addition there will be severe penalty and prosecution under the commercial Law if any violation of Copyright / Trademark patent / Designs Law is found.
DECLARATION ( for theparticipating in Earn & Learn Programme ):
“Certified that I am atleast 18 years of age and have completed atleast 10th grade of schooling. I have received complete “Advance youngindiatimes Educational Package” Online immediately after registration. I am completely satisfied with youngindiatimes Product. I have completely understood how to learn courses given in Advance youngindiatimes Educational Package online by myself (using Computer and Internet at my own cost). I am aware that I can evaluate the purchased Product online and the cost of the product would only be sent, if completely satisfied. I am aware that the product cost could be sent only if satisfied to youngindiatimes office within 10 days after the date of registration for Purchase. The refund policy is understood by me very clearly. I have carefully read the LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) and FAQs applicable to sahyog services network pvt ltd. as given on website and agree / accept to them. I am signing this DECLARATION with complete understanding and with my own WILL, without any PRESSURE / UNDUE INFLUENCE and INDUCEMENT. I am aware that any dispute arising out of this purchase would first be solved as per Terms and Conditions of the company, failing which could be addressed exclusively in Noida / Delhi jurisdiction only.” 










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